Let’s get quizzical!

Some of FBC’s B section last night descended on The Eagle for their pub quiz.

Splitting into two teams we battled it out across an invisible net, armed with pints instead of rackets – ‘Never mind the shuttlecocks’ vs ‘Sun, sea, sand and shuttlecocks’. And a whole lot of other teams.

After the first half, both teams were doing pretty well, with all sorts of knowledge coming out of the woodwork. Then the second round started….with an anagram – an impossible anagram (of hatemonger) that caused unforeseen amounts of frantic scribbling and staring in steely determination at pieces of paper. The answer caused groans and protests pub-wide – it was thereamong. We still maintain that earthgnome and gnomeheart are equally acceptable as answers.

Frustrated Woman

The second half ended with both teams having decent scores, but ‘Never mind the shuttlecocks’ having a couple more points. In fact, having exactly the same number of points as two other teams….leading to a tie-break! Jamie was nominated to take part in the tie-break, so we were all hoping it was going to be a dance-off (I have genuinely seen this used as a tie-break in a pub quiz before) but it turned out to be a guess the year question.

Jamie came second, winning a bottle of wine for the team – good skills FBC! And big up to Tina for organising and reserving tables!

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