Join Finsbury Badminton Club

Looking for a Competitive Badminton Club in Central London?

We’re a fun, sociable group who love our badminton, and we are always on the lookout for like-minded upper-intermediate and advanced players.

We are looking for intermediate-to-advanced ladies, though we also have limited space for advanced men with league-level competitive badminton experience. We are unable to trial players without at least 5 years experience.

We play on Sundays 6-8pm, and Tuesdays 7-10pm at Finsbury Leisure Centre.
Note that Tuesday sessions are reserved for advanced players, and are by invitation only.

Please don’t turn up unannounced as we may have to turn you away – we limit the number of guests each week so that everyone gets plenty of time on court.

If you’d like to try out as a guest please email us on:

Please include your name, gender, the number of years you have been playing, and tell us a bit about yourself. Don’t forget to include your playing experience (clubs, leagues, county experience) so we try you out with the appropriate group. Also you need to be over 18 to join.


The guest fee is £9 per-session.

Be aware that we are not a club for beginners – our members play competitive badminton in the Middlesex and Hammersmith leagues.

Membership Fees

The annual fee starts at £215 for members who want to play on Sundays, £240 for Tuesdays, or £360 for both sessions.

There are concessions for students and those unemployed. All fees can be paid in instalments and if you join part way through the year the fees will be adjusted to take this into account.