Fun and Games with Captain Redbeard

Earlier this week, Conor kindly invited us round for board games, pizza and homemade apple pie.  A bunch of us descended  on his flat, eagerly hoping to win the ultimate prize: badminton-related key rings, courtesy of Anita.  Our arena of battle: Trivial Pursuit: Bet You Know It.  For anyone unfamiliar with this latest reincarnation of Trivial Pursuit, it involves the chance to bet on whether your fellow contestants will get their answer right or wrong and then use your winnings to purchase cheeses.

This led to teams following a variety of strategies: John and Pete; who seemed to concentrate on amassing a huge amount of wealth rather than cheeses, Dan and Conor; who consistently underestimated the general ability of their competitors and bet against them, Tina; “Go big or go home!!!” (nuff said) and Mark and Jamie; our general knowledge boffins who followed a more “purist” strategy of actually answering their questions correctly, and were thus crowned champions of the evening.  Well done chaps, and many thanks to Conor for inviting us and Anita for providing the prizes (as well as our lovely new team t-shirts!)

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  1. Elena

     /  November 20, 2011

    i see how my trivial pursuit gets good use in London. much better than collecting dust in belgium:)

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